About Us

PBEC was founded in 2012 by a group of educators to assist schools regardless of the accreditation rating or financial capabilities.

We Build Capacity

The objective of the company is to build capacity among administrators and teachers. By focusing on building capacity, the administrators and teachers will be able to maintain the student achievement progress obtained while company personnel are involved in the schools.

Educator Led

Performance is led by two former MS superintendents with over 80 years of public school and educational consulting firm experience.

Helping Over 60 School Districts

Since the inception of the company in 2012, the Performance Based Education Company has provided services in more than 60 school districts each year. 

98%+ Success Rate

The success rate of the company’s ability to improve student achievement is in excess of 98%.

Meet The Team

Mr. Steve Montgomery

Mr. Steve Montgomery


Mr. Montgomery is one of the original founders of PBEC and is presently serving as the CEO, contract manager, and marketing specialist. His tenure as a classroom teacher, coach, vocational director, and superintendent has well prepared him to assist school personnel in improving student achievement. He has served as a teacher, coach and or administrator in the Starkville Public School District and West Point School District. He ended his career in public education while serving as the superintendent of the West Point School District.

Dr. William Wade

Dr. William Wade

Vice President

Dr. Wade joined PBEC during the 2013-2014 school year. He is presently serving as vice president, contract manager, marketing specialist, and program developer. His tenure as a classroom teacher, principal, adjunct profession (MSU), and superintendent has prepared him to assist school personnel in improving student achievement. He served as a teacher in the Louisville Municipal School District, principal Kosciusko Public School. His tenure as a superintendent was in the Union Public School District, Polk County School District (TN), and Louisville Municipal School District.

Our History

The Performance Based Education Company, Inc. (PBEC) was formed in March of 2012. There are seven shareholders: two who are former educators, a certified public accountant, and four practicing architects from the firm of Pryor & Morrow Architects and Engineers.

Company officers include: Mr. Steve Montgomery, CEO; Mr. Scott Cantrell, President; Dr. Bill Wade, Vice President; Chris Morrow, secretary and chief fiscal officer; Roger Pryor, vice president- services.

The Educational Leadership Team of the company has more than 75 years of educational and consulting experience and is comprised of three former Mississippi school superintendents.

PBEC has averaged 125 contractual and 6 full time employees over the past four years.