Increase Your MDE Performance Rating

The Data Management Model

Traditionally schools analyze data in the fall of each year as it becomes available. Decisions are made about curriculum needs, and action plans are developed for the coming school year. Customarily at the end of the school year, the data will be analyzed to determine if the goals of the action plan have been met.

The problem with this type procedure is the administrators and teachers are judging success by the end result.

To use data effectively, it must be managed throughout the school year. This allows for adjustments in the instructional process during each Benchmark testing cycle. If this procedure is followed, teachers and administrators should be able to predict success or failure. Data management allows teachers and administrators to adjust instruction throughout the year.

The results of each student’s benchmark test and MAAP results drive the data management process. PBEC has the ability to utilize data from any instrument used as the schools benchmark test.

Data management must be driven by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) Accreditation Model. The MDE Accreditation Model is built around student proficiency and student growth. It is imperative that administrators and teachers understand the components of this model, and how each student’s scores impacts the total points allowed under each component. District administrators need to provide professional development activities that focus on how each student or a group of students affect the school overall performance level.

Our Approach Is Effective

PBEC offers a Data Management (Go Green) Model that has proven to be effective at helping schools increase the MDE Performance Ratings.

Schools that have implemented this model have seen as much as 2 letter grade increases in their Performance Rating.

PBEC had some schools to increase from a “F” to a “B” over a two-year period. The key to the success of this model is to focus on managing individual student data by class.

Data Management Specialists

  • Lee Ann Fulton, Lead Specialist
  • Starr Brown
  • Melody Carter
  • Dr. Bob Fuller
  • Leah Ivey
  • Scott Cantrell

“For the past two years our math scores have improved due to the work of the Performance Based Education Company’s consultants.”

Mrs. Penny Hill, Director of Curriculum

Louisville Municipal School District