Customer Testimonials

Dr. Kendall Pickens, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, West Point Consolidated School District

“Performance Based Education Company has been a great asset to our school. PBEC consultants has provided support for our teachers on increasing student achievement using instructional data, effective classroom management, and provided individualized support for our students. PBEC consultants has been nothing short of amazing!

The Go Green Data that PBEC provides has increased our students’ learning capacity. Using the data, we are able to target individual students who need additional support and determine which specific objectives they need for growth. PBEC consultants are able to train teachers on how to read and use the data to drive their instruction.”

Dr. Jermaine Taylor, Superintendent, West Point Consolidated School District

I have worked with PBEC as a principal as well as at the district level. Their consultants and staff are like family to us. We acknowledge the fact that they do all they can to support us in our mission to educate kids. We have a strong relationship with PBEC and know that the work that they have done with our schools has contributed to the growth that we have seen. We look forward to continuing our partnership with PBEC.

Dr. Deirdre Randall, Assistant Superintendent, Simpson County School District

I have been fortunate to work with PBEC as a classroom teacher, and a district level administrator. In both instances I was thoroughly impressed by their knowledge and professionalism. Their consultants are committed to creating relationships with our staff and designing tailored plans to meet our specific needs. Their support has been invaluable in helping our district grow.

Talia Lock, Ph.D., Superintendent, Long Beach School District

“I’ve worked with PBEC for a long time spanning my time as an assistant principal, high school principal, and now as a superintendent.  Throughout it all, one thing hasn’t changed and that is their commitment to the people they serve.  They have consistently provided reliable resources and strong support to the teachers with whom they have collaborated.  The relationship we have built with PBEC has become stronger over the years because of their genuine care, which is hard to come by.

Mr. Chad Harrison, Federal Programs Director, Scott County School District

“Our district strives to constantly improve student learning and achievement. This year Performance Based Education Company, Inc. conducted academic audits at many of our schools in order to establish a valid starting point for the district’s latest improvement plan. The audit reports were clear, concise, and provided outstanding recommendations regarding academic improvement. Our principals and teachers truly enjoyed working with representatives from the company. Those representatives made the entire process very relevant and truly beneficial.”

Mrs. Penny Hill, Director of Curriculum, Neshoba County School District

“For the past two years our math scores have improved due to the work of the Performance Based Education Company’s consultants,”