Services We Offer

ACT Prep for Students

Our ACT consultants will motivate and inspire your students with a personal approach that takes the mystery out of the ACT test. The students will see impressive ACT test scores, but will attain growth with confidence.

Subject Areas Support (STAP)

Our SATP consultants will help prepare your teachers to master the necessary skills to prepare their students for the subject areas test administered by the Mississippi Department of Education. The consultants will assist teachers by providing materials, modeling lesson, and providing teacher feedback.

Areas of Focus
English II, Biology, Algebra I, U.S. History

Instructional Audits

Purpose of Instructional Audit:

  • Identify variables that effect performance on state accreditation model
  • Identify variables that effect performance on “Annual Measurable Objectives” of No Child Left Behind federal mandate

“An audit by an outside expert yields a detailed report of recommended changes and of what a school district is doing right. The audit provides a snapshot in time of the condition of instructional programs and practices” (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, 1985).

Data Coach

The Data Coach Roles:

  • Modeling and spreading data literacy among all members of the Data Team”
  • Convene the Data Teams, plan team meetings, facilitate the process of Data-Driven Dialogue, and guide the
    team through collaborative inquiry”
  • Provide leadership for sustainability of the practice of collaborative inquiry to continuously enhance student learning.” (Love et al., 2008, p.35)

“Data Coaches are education leaders (teacher-leaders, instructional coaches, building administrators, or district staff) who guide Data Teams through the process of collaborative inquiry and influence the culture of schools to be ones in which data are used continuously, collaboratively, and effectively to improve teaching and learning. Their role is to engage others in making sense of and responding to data in ways that improve learning for all students. They facilitate the work of Data Teams, build capacity to use data well, and sustain the improvement process.” (Love et al., 2008, p.20)

ACT Prep For Teachers

Our ACT consultants will help prepare your teachers to motivate and inspire their students with a personal approach that takes the mystery out of the ACT test. You’ll not only see impressive ACT test scores, but your teachers will gain confidence in their ability to prepare their students for the ACT tests.

Literacy Coaching

The International Reading Association (IRA) defines a reading coach or a literacy coach as a reading specialist who focuses on providing professional development for teachers by providing them with the additional support needed to implement various instructional programs and practices. They provide essential leadership for a school’s entire literacy program by helping create and supervise long-term staff development processes that supports both the development and implementation of the literacy programs over months and years. Our consultant assist teachers by providing them with effective strategies that promote student achievement growth, which leads to a higher rate of success on the 3rd grade Literacy tests.

Mentoring Services

Available for Superintendents, Principals and Vocational Directors

Mentors will focus on improving the skill set necessary for daily operations.

“Masterful mentors inspire people by helping them recognize the previously unseen possibilities that lay embedded in their existing circumstances.” Robert Hargrove

“For the past two years our math scores have improved due to the work of the Performance Based Education Company’s consultants.”

Mrs. Penny Hill, Director of Curriculum

Louisville Municipal School District